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An Adaptive, Early-Feasibility, Open-Label, Pilot Clinical Study Of ETX-4143 In Subjects With Chronic Ocular Pain



This research project will investigate a new drug called ETX4143. ETX-4143 is a cooling mixture (-20˚C) that is applied to the surface of the eye to reduce the sensitivity of the pain receptors in your eye.

There will be numbing medication and a device to protect your eyelids and cornea from the cold mixture during application.

By targeting these receptors in your eye, it is expected that it will relieve any pain and discomfort.

The purpose of this research to provide safety information for a new pain management option for patients with chronic ocular pain.

If eligible, you will randomized into 3 treatment groups: 30 second treatment with 1 ETX4143 Syringe Applicator, six minute treatment with 10 ETX-4143 Syringe Applicators, 10 minute treatment with 14 ETX-4143 Syringe Applicators.

This is the first time this Investigational Product has been used in human participants. It has been tested previously on animals.

The study will go for eight weeks and participants will be required to attend for up to eight visits.

For further information about this study please contact the Cerulea on (03) 8630 5300 or email info@ceruleaclinicaltrials.org.au.

  • Principal Investigator
Professor Mark Daniell